Sunday, April 25, 2010

incredible blessing!!

Logan's still not feeling well so he and I are home this morning while the rest of the family is at church. I've been making copies of paperwork for his readoption hearing tomorrow--a technicality required by the state of Washington so that he can have a state issued birth certificate. (Actually, I think it's a money-grabbing thing, but that's beside the point!)

As I was sorting through the paperwork, I came across something I thought I'd lost forever...a DVD with pictures of Logan from November 2004 to May 2008. He was 6 weeks old in Nov 2004! There are probably 150 pictures of him!! (Edited to add: Uh...yeah. Try again. There are 273!) I am so grateful to have found this--what an amazing gift from the staff at Philip Hayden Foundation.

Logan at 6 weeks

Logan at 2 months

Logan at 5 months, just after his lip repair surgery

Logan at 11 months

Logan at 2 1/2

I feel like the most blessed mama in the world today!!!


  1. WOW!!! What a blessing to have and find again! Love all the photos!!!!!

  2. Jennifer, Theo is sitting next to Logan on the last picture! It brought a big smile to my face :-) Do you have any more of our two boys together? If you do could you please send them to us? I can look and see if we have any of Logan if you like.

    Helen in Sweden

  3. Helen! Send me your email address again...somehow I've lost it. There are TONS of pics and I am SURE Theo is in many. I'm happy to send them to you. Or, it might be easier to burn you a CD of the pics so you can just have them (he's probably in 25 at least). Let me know what you prefer. My email is jennkass @ aol (dot) com. Remove spaces, of course. :)