Friday, April 23, 2010


So the answer to the question "Will it help?" is definitely YES! SOOOO amazing to see...this child whose hearing aids DO help him hear is having speech and language truly unlocked for the first time. Watching his face yesterday morning as I put the mic near the TV and he heard all the words in Curious George was fun. The awe was priceless, and he was totally entranced the entire 1/2 hour. Then he asked if he "could hear Sid the Science Kid" too. I know he's heard these things before--he recognizes Owen Wilson's voice on my computer greeting--but I don't know that he's heard the words clearly. He LOVES it! He couldn't wait to go to school yesterday, and his teacher said the difference was out-of-this-world amazing. And already this morning he's wearing the aids and I'm wearing the mic. Not that I have tons to say at 6:30 in the morning, but still...

One specific thing to ask, too. Logan is scheduled for a tonsillectomy/partial adnoidectomy/ear tube replacement on Tuesday. He's picked up a nasty cold. Please pray that he will recover quickly. We don't want to have to reschedule. When we scheduled this, the first available slot was 13 weeks out, and we really need to get this done. Preferably before the FM system loaner period is over in July, since cleaned-out ears and new ear tubes will affect his hearing. In addition, Logan's cold means that we have to stay away from my nephew Nicholas. Tomorrow is Nick's birthday, and Sunday we are headed there to help them get started moving to the house near the hospital and share some birthday pizza and cake. If Logan is still sick, he and I will be staying home. :(


  1. I'm so glad that the FM system is working wonders. That's awesome news!

    I hope Logan recovers from his cold quickly this weekend. I just HATE thinking about your nephew sharing another birthday with cancer. :(

  2. How exciting that the system is working so well. So you have to give in back in 3 months??? Will insurance provide you with a keeper since it is working so well?

    Hoping that Logan is all better already! :)