Monday, March 29, 2010

big day tomorrow

Tomorrow morning Logan has an appointment at Children's. This time, it's an ophthalmology exam. A 5 hour ophthalmology exam, to be exact. He will have his eyes dilated and checked, then they will do some rotary chair testing, which can help doctors find out how his visual and inner ear (vestibular) systems are working together. We already know that there are some things not working well in Logan's inner ear, and he has ongoing balance problems. Plus, at his last eye exam, his vision was only just barely in the range of normal for his age. Sooooo...we check things out, especially since he is going to start kindergarten in the fall. Never a dull moment!

Just in case we need extra stuff on the calendar to keep us busy, we'll be back at Children's in 2 weeks for a visit with the audiologist to review the program in his hearing aids. Then, the following week, Logan will be fitted for a 3 month trial of an FM system. Hopefully this will provide us with some answers for his ongoing speech questions. After that, on April 27, he's going to have a tonsillectomy/partial adnoidectomy/ear tube replacement surgery. Guess it's a good thing the hospital isn't too far away. And that Hailey lives close by to have Ryan over for play dates! Gotta love big sisters. :)

I'm ready for another trip to sunny Southern California! Especially after today's weather: 1" of rain, some snow, about 1/4 " of hail, thunder and lightening...I think that covers most of the day. Makes those days a few weeks ago in the sunshine at Brent's graduation all the more precious! Oh well. I can look at the bright side: the parking at Seattle Children's is covered....

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