Saturday, March 20, 2010

amazed...and grateful

Once in a while you hear stories about people doing things to thank members of the armed forces for their service. This came in my email not too long ago and made me cry, but I didn't know how much to believe--does it REALLY happen? I've never seen it. Until now...

Brent flew home last week in his uniform. I was totally blown away by the responses he got in the airport and on the plane. Nearly everywhere we walked, someone stopped him to say "Thank you." That was amazing. And on the plane! We had decent seats but the flight was PACKED. Because it was a continuation, there were people on board when we got on, and we'd been in the airport for a bit so lots of people had seen him. When the flight attendant came through offering beverages, she handed Brent a 'drink coupon' from a gentleman seated in the front of the plane. He wanted to thank Brent for his service. He used it on our second leg...and was given another drink coupon by a different passenger! Waiting for his luggage, surrounded by parents and siblings and his girlfriend, I heard another passenger or two tell him thank you. To see the gratitude firsthand was overwhelming. Even now, the kindness of strangers makes my eyes well up with tears. And I know that no matter where he goes, he will be taken care of. Right now, that's a good thing!

Oh! One more thing. I broke down and did it. I put a sticker on my Suburban. It says:

parent of a US Marine

I'm not usually one for stickers on my car, but for a while this one will be there. Because it's true.

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  1. That is so wonderful, Jennifer! I know you have to be very proud.