Saturday, September 19, 2009

ROAD TRIP! (or, I have the most amazing husband!)

The boys are on a road trip. Last week, we decided that someone should go visit Brent (age 20) for a weekend. Because I went last time, this time it was Jim's turn. Calendars out, we agreed that he would leave today and return Tuesday. Although we had briefly talked late August about him going and taking the little guys, I didn't bring it up. It's over 8 hours one way from here to there, and that's a LONG time for one adult and two 4 year old boys. Late yesterday afternoon, though, Brent mentioned that he had made arrangements for Jim and the boys to visit his work and see the planes. So I said something to Jim. And he agreed to take them.

After bathtime last night, we asked Ryan and Logan if they wanted to take a ride with Dad today. Both were intrigued but not sold...until we mentioned seeing Brent. Their eyes lit up like Christmas trees! They could hardly contain their excitement. It was difficult trying to pack a suitcase for them because they were bouncing around the room like super balls. I was sure they wouldn't sleep a wink last night, but guess what? They both conked out quickly and slept through the night. This morning, when I passed by the bedroom door, two sparkly brown eyes peered at me from a pillow. Throwing back the covers and inviting me in to snuggle, Ryan grabbed my face with his little hands. His body and his voice quavered with excitement. "Today's the day, Mommy! It's today! We are going on a road trip with Daddy. BOYS ONLY, Mommy!! We're going to see Brent and you have to stay home. We'll be gone 3 sleeps Mommy. Try not to miss us too much. I promise I'll give Brent a kiss for you. ROAD TRIP!" I just hugged him and laughed.

Logan was much slower to wake up but no less excited once he realized that they were really leaving today. Both boys scarfed their breakfast and paced as Daddy finished some things he needed to do before they left. Tired of waiting, they finally climbed into the car and buckled themselves into their carseats. There they sat, waiting patiently, for nearly 10 minutes. They had a box of toys and books between them on the seat, and they talked excitedly about needing to share the "good stuff" while on the road. Lunches were packed and put in the car, then off they went.

Twice during the drive, Jim called home. On the speakerphone both times, I could hear the boys in the back seat. They thought it was hilarious to hold a conversation with me while they were in the car. Both times they promised that they were behaving, and Jim confirmed it. He said they were great travelers and that he enjoyed their company on the 500 mile drive. Now they're safely ensconced in my sister's basement, playing with cousins, visiting with an aunt and uncle, and spending time with their brother. They'll play and talk, read and run, and generally have a ball for the next two days. And hopefully they'll come home refreshed and fully charged from the time with Brent and Daddy.

After all, isn't that what having a REALLY big brother and an awesome Daddy is all about??


  1. Sounds like lots of fun!! Enjoy and take advantage of your quiet time, too!

  2. Awww, I love your description of the boys and how happy they were about leaving for this trip.
    - sigh - There is nothing like the excitement of
    kids that young. Praying for a safe and fun trip
    for all of them.