Friday, February 27, 2009

quick update--with new news at the bottom!

I just have time for a quick note--today's crazy, with speech therapy, dental appointments, and BASKETBALL! Hailey's team is doing incredibly and will play next week in the state tournament. GO WARRIORS!!!

My nephew Nicholas was admitted to the hospital on Monday evening for his Total Body Irradiation (TBI) that must be completed prior to the bone marrow transplant. He has two more doses today, then he'll have chemo over the weekend, all in prep for Tuesday's transplant. He's handling things amazingly well and has totally blown his doctor away with his strength and health. This afternoon, he will have an NG (naso-gastric) feeding tube inserted into his nose so that when he gets the mouth sores (and throat sores, and esophageal sores, and...well, you get the picture) he can still have his oral meds and be fed. That doesn't sound like much fun to Nick, but in true Nick style, he's handled the information well.

Pam and Ted are doing well, and Tony comes back this direction today. Originally, he was going to stay through March 8, but a couple days ago he found out that his employer had no more work and Tony's out of a job. Please pray for them--that this will be a total blessing instead of a horrific blow. It is our prayer that through this layoff, Tony will find SOMETHING out here that will allow him to be with his family for the next 3-4 months while Nick recovers. God is able, we know that!

Thanks for the prayers!

Updated to add this: As I was walking out the door this morning, my phone rang. It was Pam, and she needed help. Ted got sick at school this morning! It's definitely nothing serious, but she couldn't get him and certainly couldn't bring him to the hospital, where Nick's in isolation! So after a quick call to our speech therapist, we headed off to pick up Ted. He's hanging here this afternoon, playing with the little cousins and having fun. He'll go to tonight's basketball game then back to the Ronald McDonald house where he can spend time with his mom! He's thrilled--she'll actually be able to sleep at the apartment tonight since Tony will be here later.

This from Pam just now: Nick HATES the NG tube. Pray that this will not irritate, not be a source of frustration, and that he would heal quickly so it's not needed for long.

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  1. Jennifer,

    So glad to hear that your little man is taking things so well. I've been praying without ceasing. Last night I went to a woman's prayer group and now he has even more faithful servants lifting him up.

    Sending you hugs wrapped in prayers for peace for everyone,