Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a funny Ryan story

Ryan LOVES his big brother. Even though he's only 4, Brent is larger than life in Ryan's world. Those two have a relationship that makes me smile to see. Logan's isn't quite the same, since when he came home from China Brent was already out of the house.

Anyway, late last fall Ryan announced that he was tired of volleyball and ready for basketball to begin. He wanted to know if Cam was going to play, and when told yes, he announced that he needed to watch him play. "After all" he said, "I miss watching Brent play!" Now, Brent hasn't played basketball since Ryan was 2! Actually, Ryan had his second birthday in January of Brent's senior year season, so he was REALLY little. But he remembered, and proved it: when Cam warmed up the very first night, Ryan exclaimed, "Cam's wearing Brent's number!"

Fast forward to this week. On Friday, we received a DVD of Brent's best game ever. Played at the state tournament in 2005 when Brent was a sophomore, we've not seen the DVD before. We brought it home on Friday night and watched it. Ryan watched part of it then had to go to bed. Since then he's watched it easily a half dozen times. He spends the entire game yelling at the TV, shouting "Great shot" "Go Brent" "Get that rebound, Brent" and other things. Every time, he's thrilled (and surprised!) that our team wins and that Brent has played so well. Today when it was over, Ryan asked if he could watch again after lunch. He told me he wanted to see if Brent's team could beat the white team one more time, and if Brent would score as many points as he did this morning. And every time, at the end of the game, he says with a smile and a sigh, "Oh Brent. That's MY brother!!"

Brother love. It's fun to watch. Especially when the big brother is so tender with the little one. Thanks Brent. You're awesome and amazing, and I love you!

Two of my favorite guys, taken in August 2006. Brent was 17; Ryan was 19 months.

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  1. That has got to be the cutest story!!! I absolutely love that picture.

    Also, just wanted to say I continue to keep Nick in my prayers...can't wait till the March. :)



    PS Thank you for the prayers.