Thursday, January 31, 2013

time crunch!

I’m still here.  There’s a lot on my plate these days, and it seems that I never have enough time to take what’s in my head and get it down here.  We’ve been doing some teaching at church—I taught at Moms N Tots on time management (SUCH fun!!), and Jim and I have been involved in some teaching on Sunday mornings.  We’re involved in a ministry called Young Families, aimed at families with children under 6th grade.  Since we’ve already been there and done that once, we’re sort of the ‘old people mentor types’ in the class.  Young Families has been looking at kids with challenges and life with them.  We shared our experiences on navigating education with a child whose list of challenges/differences reads like a who’s who in the disability world.  Sad smile  BUT…it has helped us refine our thoughts, redefine the WHY of our decisions, and clarify  where we go from here.  God keeps teaching us, and hopefully we keep learning!  Some days I’m WAY too slow to get where He’s leading, but I can see pieces of the bigger picture…more than I could even just 4 months ago.  It’s encouraging.  And when I have (a little more) time, I’ll give the run-down.  In the meantime…

…here’s where some of my time has gone.  My Life in God’s Garden—Musings of a Mom of Many.   Diane is an amazing writer, and her family has been walking an incredible journey.  He faith is SO evident in her blog, and she shares so transparently.  Not just the good stuff…the hard stuff too.  The “I can’t do this any more, except for God” kind of days.  My heart echoes her cry in this post, but she’s so much more eloquent than I.   I have had the briefest glimpse of how she feels here as we have worked to come to terms with Logan’s challenges.    I check her blog almost daily and pray for her family often, even though we’ve never met.  Diane inspires me!  Smile

With that, I need to get moving today.  Since we’ve been in Everett for speech, there’s still lots to accomplish before dinner.

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