Thursday, March 7, 2013

the things we do for love

like walking in the rain and the snow…

Wait.  That’s not where I intended to go!  Flashback to music from my growing up years.  All that does is prove I’m old.  <sigh>


So…the things we do for love.  How about things like a 30 day elimination diet?  For everyone in the house?  Simply because it needs to be tried for one or 2 people?  Yep.  One of those things we do for love.  Smile  Fortunately, it won’t hurt those who don’t need to be on it, so we move forward.  Friday will be 8 days without wheat or wheat products at home, and surprisingly it’s going well.  The boys have been quite agreeable, even double checking to make sure they’re ‘not cheating.’  The best part is that we’re seeing some clearing of eczema already.  Definitely seeing less headaches.  And the child in question is undeniably sleeping better.  And feeling better!   I’m doing ‘experimental baking’ on Wednesdays (when we’re home all day) so that we can figure this wheat-less thing out.  I’m working hard to NOT trade one starchy food for another, so we’re not using the typical wheat free or gluten free all purpose flours that are available.  Makes things slightly more challenging, but it also makes things much healthier!  This week I baked wheat free, high fiber, low(er) carb chocolate zucchini bread, and it was a huge hit.  I took a recipe I have at home and modified it slightly.  Nearly perfect!  I am glad chemistry has always been a favorite subject, since understanding chemistry in the kitchen makes the experimentation a touch easier.

But for this face (hard at work on his math)


and this one (being a goof at speech therapy)


going wheat free is something we’ll gladly try (and stay with!) if it makes a difference.  How on earth could we say no?? 


  1. So thankful that your little guys are seeing improvement already!! What a huge praise. I am trying to go wheatless every other week as I figure it out...because who needs those extra empty carby calories anyways. So we have been eating a lot of crock pot soups. :-) I will say that if your guys are itching for something like that, quinoa noodles taste exactly like regular noodles. Because every once in a while, homemade mac and cheese is what my guys crave.

    1. Since you're the second person in 12 hours to recommend the quinoa pasta, I think we'll try some. Ry is DYING from a lack of spaghetti in his world. (Or so he thinks). I am finding that I don't miss the wheat much at all. I'm nowhere near as hungry either, and that's a good thing too. :)

  2. I've been cutting back on wheat and other starchy carbs for myself and Hubby. I really think it'd be good for everyone to try here, too.

    I think it's probably against some law of blogging to tease about a successful recipe you developed and not share it! ;-)

    We use quinoa a lot, but I've never seen quinoa pasta! I'll be looking for that.

    1. LOL! I'm happy to share if you want it. The bread was a hit here, but I'd say it needs a bit more work to be 'delicious'. It certainly met the need for something 'chocolate dessert' though! :)

  3. So you may need to share that zucchini bread recipe! :)