Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I have 2 challenges for everyone today.  One is fun, and one will be hard.  We’ll start with the fun.  Smile

valentines marriage challenge

Go here and take the 2013 “Be My Valentine” Marriage Challenge.  There are activities for every week between now and Valentine’s Day to make this season extra special for someone you love.  The weekly challenges are fun and will bring some extra spice to your marriage.

And then, when you’re done looking that over, c’mon back.  The second challenge is a bit tougher.  Okay…a LOT tougher.

I want you to go read an incredibly fascinating series of articles about adoption.  Yes, it’s primarily about adoption in and from China, but much of the information is true regardless of where in the world you are talking about orphans.  I know my heart is in turmoil, knowing that we have the resources and the ability to change the world for another child or two, but not necessarily feeling the pull at the moment.  It’s that impossible question:  when you know the RIGHT thing to do but you don’t feel like doing it, is it okay to say ‘no’?  I’m thinking God would have some thoughts on that!  I’m definitely praying here about what we do next.  (No, it’s not likely that we’ll ever be adopting again.  Stranger things have happened, I know, but I would fall over in a dead faint if we moved forward.  We’ll see.  This is when I’m grateful God is in charge, not me.   Smile  )

The articles:

All these articles were written by Amy Eldridge, whose organization (Love without Boundaries) has been involved in orphan care in China for over 10 years.  LWB does incredible work there!! 

Happy reading!  Can’t wait to hear what you think of the challenges. 

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  1. Well - Challenge 1 I am really excited about. It is not easy to spend 6+ months apart from your husband and then move across the country with him. :-) I think I need this marriage challenge!!

    Challenge 2 - tears are welling up in my eyes, and my heart is very heavy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these articles. I read them all and it contained a lot of information that I needed to hear. We continue to pray about where God is leading us in this area - and learning to listen to what He has in store for our family, instead of my own selfish wants. Thank you.