Saturday, June 9, 2012

time flies

Where does the time go?  It seems like only yesterday that she was a baby...a kindergartner....a high school freshman.  And now, she's away at her freshman college orientation! 

This morning Tori and I headed out to Pullman for the weekend.  She's doing the orientation, and I'm taking a little 'time off.'  Sort of.  I brought along next year's curriculum for the boys, the teaching notes, and my planner.  The goal?  To get next year (mostly) planned.   I also brought my camera so I could take more pictures, but the weather is NOT cooperating over here.  It's been cold (like 44!) and rainy here today, with quite a breeze.  Not exactly great weather for exploring.  So I'm camped out in my hotel room.  Nice and peaceful, right? would be, but there are 2 high school baseball teams here for a tournament.  So the hotel is loud, and my room is near the pool so it smells like chlorine and the noise of the boys having fun in the pool gets old after a bit.  Maybe they play early tomorrow morning, as things are starting to settle down a bit.  :)

So I'm sitting here in my hotel room feeling a touch bereft.  My baby girl is all grown up.  I am NOT ready for this.  Yes, I still have the little guys at home, and I am truly grateful for them.  But it's the end of an era.  It's bittersweet.  And honestly...I'm struggling with some of this.  What now?  What comes next? Where, exactly, do we go from here?  Am I REALLY up for the challenge of a student with significant learning issues?  Do I have a choice?  (Nope.)  Am I ready to see all 4 of my big guys on their own?  Yes.  And no.  But time marches on...

I wish I had pictures for this.  I have some incredible ones of my girl I'd love to put in here, but since I am not at home and not using the computer with the photos on it, I can't put them in.  She was an adorable baby...a darling kindergartner...a pretty freshman...and a beautiful graduate.  When I get home, I'll post those pics.

In the meantime...excuse me.  I need another tissue.  :\


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  1. Big hugs, Jennifer! It is definitely a time of BIG change for you.