Monday, June 18, 2012

camping, Pacific NW style

In June, that frequently means rain.  Sure did this weekend!  It was COLD and drizzly much of the weekend, so we saw more of the inside of the car and the trailer than we had hoped.  But we did get to the beach, and we did get to have a campfire every night. 

I made a decision before we left:  when camping with an all-male crowd, take along something to make the campsite pretty.  My roses are in bloom, so these went along:


and certainly prettied up the picnic table.  They were out Friday afternoon, but spent the rest of the weekend in the trailer due to the rain.  Sadly, the rain brought an uninvited visitor…


and he brought several friends.  (I didn’t take pictures of all of them.  Too depressing!)

The beach was quite the attraction Friday afternoon, and the boys (all 3!) had a great time throwing rocks.





(Mr. Scrawny Legs needed a haircut big time!)



Their styles and body types are a bit different.  :)

They LOVED sitting around the campfire at night, and have now discovered the joy of s’mores.



Today on the way home, they got to learn more about the ‘guy things’ that go into trailer camping.  Things like emptying the grey and black water tanks.  They thought it was great fun to help out.   (Yahoo!  Means I don’t have to.)


Overall, it was a very successful test run for the new Suburban.  In spite of the rain, we had fun.  I must say, though, that I was very happy to see the inside of the house today, with a nice warm shower available.  :)  Sure felt good!  The boys had a ball and cannot wait until next week, when they get to do this again! 


  1. looks like you had aa ton of fun! The visitor would have made me scream, though. :)

  2. Trailer beats tent in that kind of weather... But 2 boys that age in a trailer probably gets 'antsy' a little quickly. But that's an advantage, I'd think, of being the only girl... "Why don't you 3 boys go have a run on the beach?" ;-)

  3. I'm sorry it rain so much! I'm also sorry I didn't get a chance to come see you while you were camping so close to me... Maybe next time! :)

  4. I keep hearing about Seattle and Spokane suffering from lack of summer. It has been hot in Chicago. I could share.