Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a red letter day!

Today, the 1st grader who struggles tremendously with school had an awesome day!  We sat down to work on phonics and math, and he completed every problem on his own.  AND he got them mostly correct!!  (He does occupational therapy for his fine motor skills, so we do lots of ‘dictation/transcription’ here.  But, on the phonics sheets, he has to copy over the yellow pen.  It’s a real challenge for him.  By the end of the math sheet, he was struggling with number formation—and the blanks for counting by 5s are tiny!—so I wrote for him.)

Check out his incredible work!!  Sorry the math is hard to read.  It didn’t scan as well as I had hoped.  Combined with his weak handwriting, it’s a bit hard to read.

excellent work 11-30-11

If only it was possible to convey how huge this is!! To have a day without tears, without tantrums, without anger and frustration, and with almost all the correct answers is unbelievable.  Makes me think that maybe someday we’ll even get there.  God is good—we both needed this!  :)

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