Monday, December 5, 2011

big day today

Today’s the first day of our neuro-psych (cognitive and learning issues) evaluations for our Logan.  It’s a phone appointment about how he learns and other concerns we have.  I think I’m nervous…not specifically about the appointment, but that I can correctly describe the issues we see, and that I don’t forget anything important!!  You should see the white board on my fridge…
This appointment today will help determine the testing they do in person next week.  If you feel inclined, please pray for wisdom and clarity as I spend time on the phone with the doctor this morning.  I’d appreciate it, and Logan will benefit from it!  Thanks.  :)

Update:  Phone appointment was amazing!!  Thanks for the prayers...the dr. has some great ideas for what tests need to be run, and she thinks we'll get some answers when we do them.

And another update!  The testing next week has had to be rescheduled for the first week in January.  I knew it was a possibility, and it's happened.  So now we wait a bit, but at least he's still on the schedule.

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