Friday, November 25, 2011


relationship graph

is a graphic representation of the number of interpersonal relationships in a group of 8 people (like our family).  If you don’t want to count all the lines, 8 people have a total of 28 interpersonal relationships.  :)

It also explains why, as much as I love holidays with family, I come home tired.  It’s not from working hard physically; instead, it is from the ‘work’ associated with all of the interpersonal relationships that come with 22 people.  That’s 231 different relationships!! 

Fortunately, these are wonderful people, and it was a delightful Thanksgiving.  We loved every minute of our time with them and were sad to leave this afternoon.  But it’s good to be home, and our (very tired!) boys were quite thrilled to see their own beds tonight.  Hopefully they’ll sleep well.  I know I will!


Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend!

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