Thursday, November 18, 2010


I can usually find a bright side to frustrating situations, but I’m having trouble with this one.  Yesterday I took the boys and went to Costco to do our Thanksgiving shopping…so my refrigerator is VERY full.

I can tell you FOR SURE that it is NOT amusing to have the fridge go on the fritz the week before Thanksgiving.  Not full of food for the holiday.  Not when we’ve got things on the calendar.  Not when I have the pleasure (?) of taking 3 little bodies shopping for a new fridge.  Not.  Not!  NOT!!!

sigh.  Does it really matter?  Probably not.  My fridge sure doesn’t think so.  It’s definitely on the fritz.  So tomorrow or Saturday (hopefully it will hold out that long…) I will be purchasing a new refrigerator.  Not really what I want to do with my time and my money, but that’s okay.  The fridge I will be replacing is 17 years old.  And in all that time, I’ve never liked it much.  Maybe this time I’ll get one I like better.  Didn’t have as many choices then, that’s for sure.

Perhaps there’s a bright side after all.  :)


  1. Yeah...the timing here stinks too! Chalk up one new furnace ($2000), a major car repair ($800), sports fees, dance fees, visit to Day Surgery at Children's Hospital, glasses for Kieren, physical therapy for Cullen, and the sewer backing up. That's just THIS WEEK!!!!!

    Want to run away with me?

  2. Oh, that is really bad timing! I'm sorry Jennifer. Maybe your bright side really is getting to pick out a fridge you LOVE for the next 17 years? Hang in there, friend!