Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a totally strange day

Today was my birthday.  It was also a day of firsts.  Until now, I have never:

*had a birthday with 70° weather.  I’ve had snow.  I’ve had rain.  I’ve had fog and clouds and wind.  I’ve even had some occasional sun.  70°?  Never!   This was taken in the backyard this afternoon.


*mowed the lawn on my birthday.  Usually we’re quite finished mowing the lawn by November.  Not this year.

*worn jeans and a t-shirt outside without freezing.  Today?  No problem!  I also had the doors and windows open most of the day and the heat shut off!  Generally in November we’re shivering.  Too weird.

*seen raspberries with flowers and new fruit.  Yep.  Growing in the garden.  But they’re there…see??


*seen gorgeous blue skies, beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves, and fresh flowers on the roses, sweet peas, and pyracantha.  This year?  You guessed it…  In the last picture you can see the blue sky behind the sweet peas.  It was GORGEOUS here today!






*had pavlova for dessert.  We did tonight.  Usually in November it’s WAY too damp to make pavlova.  Not this year.

It was probably the strangest birthday ever…

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  1. Happy happy birthday, Jennifer!!! Glad it was such a beautiful day. :)