Sunday, November 21, 2010

“I am God’s favorite!”

Well, the fridge really did die.  Friday morning.  But Thursday night I had the best experience…

I have a friend in Texas who frequently reminds us that she is God’s favorite.  Not in a proud, boastful way at all—it’s a simple expression of her quiet faith that God fulfills His promises to us.  It always makes me smile to hear it from her.  And, honestly, I have longed for opportunities to be God’s favorite too!  Who wouldn’t??

Anyway, I left Thursday evening intent on purchasing a new fridge.  We’ve been looking off and on over the last year, knowing that the one in the house was likely going to ‘go’ sometime sooner rather than later.  I spent Thursday afternoon comparison shopping online and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, how much it would cost, where to buy it, and when it could be delivered.  I drove down the hill grumbling a bit to God: “How is this going to work?  I NEED a new fridge, and the ones that I want either aren’t immediately available or they cost way too much or there are no open slots in the delivery schedules.  And we don’t have tons of available cash at the moment…   I have all this food that needs to be kept cold, God!  I can’t do this…”

Shouldn’t have worried.  After all, we serve a mighty God!  :)  I stopped at the first store and saw firsthand what I already knew—they didn’t have anything I wanted.  I went to a second store, knowing that I could always ‘fall back’ on the fridge I’d seen at Sears…and somehow figure out what to do with my food until it could be delivered.  I walked to the appliances, and found that they had one of the refrigerators on my list of good choices.  It was on sale…for nearly $800 less than I’d seen it other places!  Okay.  Now God’s got my attention.  I asked the salesman if it was available in white (my choice—my dishwasher and stove are relatively new, and white) and he told me that it was, but not until the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Hmmm… Well, I could always go with stainless, so I asked.  It was available!  The next open delivery slot, however, wasn’t until Tuesday Nov 23.  Not so good.  I asked if it was available from another store, or if another store would have an opening in the delivery schedule to bring it sooner.  I explained my dilemma.  He checked around and got us booked into one of the emergency delivery slots available the very next day!  Wow!!  The free delivery included free haul away of the old fridge.  Awesome!  Then came the best part:  the store was having a financing deal that was ideal.  Every single piece fell into place.

I drove home rejoicing in the fact that that night, I was God’s favorite!  His hand is all over the way things came together.  It was one of those occasions where His word is so very real.  I kept repeating Philippians 4:19 “And my God will supply all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

My new stainless steel french door fridge sits in the kitchen, a very real testament to God’s love and care.  I don’t have to go far now to see how much He loves me.  And, as a bonus, I have a very real reminder to pray for my friend in Texas.  That’s fun!  :)

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