Monday, July 12, 2010

wishful thinking

Occasionally, when life goes on overload I find myself wishing for the chance to hide away for a bit, a chance to catch my breath and regroup.   A friend used to live in a place where a rocking chair sometimes sat in front of a picture window with a wonderful view.  I spent a lot of time there in my mind this weekend--rocking in that chair, admiring the view, and thinking. 

Sometimes life is a bit stressful.  Life with a houseful of teens and twentysomethings is chaotic once in a while—even when some of them don’t live at home.  Being able to remove myself from the chaos on occasion is important, even if it can only happen in my mind.  I wish circumstances had allowed my ‘mental vacation’ to be a real visit but that’s not how it is.  And the mental break was definitely better than nothing.  For that I am grateful.

Now it’s Monday, time to start a new week with a fresh perspective.  I can do that.  :)

Thanks, my friend……

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