Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today we took a road trip back to the farm.  The boys were in heaven—they got to drive the tractor, check out the sheep pen, gather eggs, and play with the dog.

  newberg trip 008

newberg trip 005

newberg trip 009

After the ‘work’ on the farm was done, we loaded up our coolers to bring home Hiram—182 pounds of wrapped beef.  Yum!  My freezer is full…

newberg trip 012

…and the boys are SO EXCITED with their newest possession.  Tim gave them a magazine for the ride home.

newberg trip 014

newberg trip 018

The boys read this magazine all the way home!  And now Jim’s read it too.  :)  My future farmers…

Oh!  Hey Mom…Tim sends his greetings back.  And he says stop in next time you’re in town.

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