Thursday, May 20, 2010

it’s official

I am TOO OLD to have a 2 year old around full time.  I spent the morning with a delightful 2 year old today (and her 5 year old sister.  And my two 5 year old boys.  And a 3 year old girl) but I am TIRED.  I have forgotten how much energy 2 year olds have, how many questions they ask, and how much they see to put their hands on that I don’t see.

Granted, this little one was not in her finest form, having been awakened at 6:oo AM and dropped off here at 6:30.  Her baby sister was going in for surgery and she needed a place to stay.  Her family is packing to move to a new house—when they find one.   Her life hasn’t been stress-free the last little bit, and when you add tired to the stress, it makes an interesting combination.  After her second or third meltdown, we snuggled up in the rocking chair and just rocked.  Amazing how cuddles can tame the monster within.  A few minutes later, she was back in control and had a great morning from that point forward.  I love her to death and can’t wait for her to come play again, and bring her sisters.  But I think 6:30 might just be too early.  For her, not for me.  :)

Thanks, my friend, for the privilege of loving on your girls this morning.  Know for sure that they are welcome here any time.  And Jim sends his thanks—he’s relieved to hear me say that I’m too old to do this full time now.  I think you and your girls made his day!

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