Sunday, May 9, 2010

2 years ago…

Day 1 001

our plane ride was over and our lives were about to change. Again. Our last day as a family of 7(minus Brent, who was at school studying for finals) was spent here:

Beijing 110

on the Great Wall. Then, mid-day on Saturday May 10 (after a nap…)


we got on the bus and headed to Philip Hayden Foundation, where Fu Xiao Tong was waiting for us. He was NOT happy to see us! See?

Beijing 138

It has taken a while, but the boy who was so unhappy to see us is now fully, totally, wholly integrated into life here. It’s been a bit of a rocky road but none of us can imagine life without him. We knew we were adopting a boy with a repaired cleft lip and repaired cleft palate; what we didn’t know is that while his known medical needs would be non-issues, the unknown medical needs would cause us to stretch and grow and develop new callouses on our knees. :) Today, dealing with hearing loss and dyspraxia of speech and developmental delays and sensory integration issues are becoming second nature. And our family is better because of it.



…and now…


Yesterday the little boys had a dream met in the afternoon. They had the opportunity to ride on a tractor with one of Daddy’s good friends. Their smiles lit up the pasture and the giggles were contagious. Far cry from 2 years ago. But then, that’s what life is—learning and growing and living and loving, sharing the joy and carrying the burdens, together.

Happy 2 years, Logan James FuTong Kassebaum. We love you!

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