Monday, January 4, 2010


We're hanging on to "no news is good news," meaning that while it would appear that Brent was NOT well enough to rejoin his platoon over the weekend, he's also not sick enough for us to be contacted. We've heard nothing since Thursday early evening...

I'm trying hard to not worry, to continue to trust, to keep my focus where it belongs. In the meantime, Ryan and Logan have colored enough 'pictures' (and I use that term loosely!!) to wallpaper the entire barracks! They're a touch frustrated that I haven't mailed them to Brent yet and are having a hard time understanding that I don't have an address. They keep telling me to "just send it to the hospital!!" I'm back to writing a paragraph or two every day, waiting for notification of his new address so I can send him mail again.

Thanks for your continued prayers, for Brent AND for us!

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  1. hugs and prayers!!!