Friday, January 8, 2010

more imponderables

*Why do certain 5 year olds insist in rolling the toilet paper all the way to the floor when they need it?
*Why are there STILL piles of junk in front of the heat vent in the family room? I've asked 3 times to have it moved!
*Why am I so nice about it? Why haven't I just tossed the stuff already instead?
*Why is the weather so windy and rainy? Can't we get cold and have some snow instead? Just a little...
*Why does everyone else wake up WAY early on the morning I accidentally oversleep? Sure mucks up my quiet morning!


*Why can't I get motivated this morning? At least that would explain why my boys are still in their pjs at 10:45...


  1. Can I add to this?

    *Why am I the only person who can put a new bar of soap in the shower?
    *Why am I the only one who can see the dog's water bowl is empty AND fill it?
    *Why am I the only one who gets stranded on the potty with no TP? And why does this seem to happen right after everyone leaves the house? AND why does my husband store it on the top shelf, 12" from the dang ceiling, over the dryer??????

    *sigh* Let me know if you figure these out.

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