Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Brent update

Well, I broke down yesterday and called the recruiter for an update on Brent. It's hard to continue to hang on to the "no news is good news" thing when you know your child is not feeling well. I'm glad I did. I learned lots...

Brent was a "heat casualty" with exertional heat stroke. His core temperature was 107! It was relieving (sort of) to hear that it happens often and that the drill instructors are very aware of the symptoms and get the recruits help quickly. He has spent the last week in sick bay. It sounded like he's fine, but as a precaution they keep patients for a week after heat stroke. Today or tomorrow he'll be medically evaluated and hopefully released to a new battalion and new platoon. That's good news. And sad news.

It's sad because according to the recruiter, Brent was doing exceptionally well in his platoon. He was demonstrating leadership skills and had been appointed to a leadership role within the platoon. His drill instructors were disappointed to see him go down and have him leave the group because they were impressed with him. I was told that Brent is "a fine young man who will be missed." That was fun to hear! :) It could be hard to break into a new platoon and return to the leadership role he had in his old platoon, something he needs in order to achieve some of his goals as a Marine. But we'll see. I know God has plans for Brent; we just have to be patient and watch what happens.

In the meantime, the information did NOT solve one problem around here. Ryan and Logan have gone totally nuts with the drawings, and now I have probably 40 sheets of paper waiting to be sent to Brent. They still don't understand why I haven't mailed them (no address yet) and continue to insist that addressing it like this:

Brent Kassebaum
the hospital
the Marines

will work! Oh to be 4 or 5 again and have life be so simple....

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  1. I'm very glad to hear that Brent is recovering from the heat stroke. You must feel so relieved. Sorry he has to start over in a new platoon, though. Rats!