Sunday, December 6, 2009

watch out--Mom is grumpy (and sick!)

All I want to do is go find a Christmas tree. You wouldn't think it could be that hard. The weather is nice--not too cold, not raining. It's Sunday afternoon, theoretically a nice, quiet afternoon. The girls don't have too much homework; Hailey's home for the weekend. We don't have to put it up yet--it can stay in a bucket in the backyard until next weekend. But no......

The Seahawks are playing, and the boys "have to watch." Victoria needs a dress for homecoming (in Janaury!) so she's got to head to the fabric store to look at patterns and fabric. Emily has to take her since she doesn't drive. Hailey's working on an essay. While I thoroughly enjoy the search for a Christmas tree--and all the memories we have made over the years--I'm ready to throw in the proverbial towel. Some things are just not worth the hassle. Maybe tomorrow, when Ryan goes to spend the afternoon at Logan's preschool, I'll hit the local Christmas tree lot and bring one home. Then I'll get to set it up and decorate it too. Such fun. :\

I understand how Christmas loses some of its appeal as children get older. They're not particularly interested in the traditions, the memories, the things that make the season special. Instead, they're more interested in what's going on in their worlds. Right now, it's choir, cheer, and basketball. Brent's gone, and that changes things too. Okay, fine. But can we please take some time to remember WHY we have Christmas in the first place? I know the tree's not important. I know that someday they'll look back with fondness on the traditions, and probably even implement some in their own homes. In the meantime, can't you all humor your old mother? All I want is part of an afternoon, time to pick the tree, savor the togetherness, and remember why we celebrate. Then you can do your own thing, I promise.

Maybe next weekend???

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