Tuesday, June 23, 2009

good news

Yesterday Logan had his first post-hearing aids audiology exam. He and I went up to Children's and waited for Julie, our audiologist. Once we met up with her, she and I chatted about Logan's adjustment. She was quite impressed that he's wearing his aids nearly full time, and that all evidence points to the fact that they are, indeed, helping at least some. Once she was done with her questions, we went into the testing room with Josh, our favorite assistant. And guess what? Logan's aids DO make a difference!! There's a 30 to 35 dB (decibel) increase in his low frequency hearing, bringing him almost into the "normal" range. Julie tweaked a few areas of concern in the programming then sent us on our way, not needing to return until September. At that point, we'll look at some specific issues that seemed to appear yesterday, and do a full aided and unaided hearing exam again.

Now, if only the increase in hearing ability would translate to an increase in speech. Progress there is still painfully slow, and we are beginning to explore other areas of potential complication in his speech. Logan will have a feeding evaluation on Thursday, hoping to qualify him for some feeding therapy. Then, in another week or two, we hope to reevaluate for occupational and physical therapy. We've seen progress in his gross motor and fine motor skills, but the progress is not enough to catch him up to his peers. And, as a matter of fact, it appears that the gaps are widening instead of getting smaller. So we may add OT and possibly PT this summer. Then in September when he sees the Craniofacial team at Children's again, they'll evaluate for some other areas of concern as they relate to his speech. SOME DAY we will get this!! Or die trying...

The boy and his aids:

Oh, and for what it's worth? If one more adult looks at Logan with the "poor baby" look on their face as they search for ways to ask what's wrong with him, I might just haul off and slug them! I get so tired of it. Get real people! Wearing hearing aids is no different than wearing glasses, but somehow it's more "socially acceptable" to have a vision deficiency than it is to have a hearing deficiency. And while children can be cruel, I have found that adults are no less cruel. They're just slightly more subtle. Either way it is still cruel, and it sucks.

Whew. I feel better with that out in the open. :)

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  1. Hooray for Logan's increase in hearing!

    I'm appalled that adults ask "what's wrong with him" because he has a hearing aid. What the heck? I had no idea that people were still walking around as if they were from the dark ages.