Thursday, July 2, 2009

out of the mouths of babes

Ryan and Logan are both growing (finally!) and they needed new underwear. Fred Meyer is having a sale, so today when we stopped I let the boys choose what characters they wanted. Logan chose some Star Wars underwear...and this is what I heard on the way home:

Logan: "Look!"
Ryan: "What?"
Logan: "Jesus! Mommy, Jesus is on my underwear!"

Shaking with silent convulsions since I wasn't going to laugh out loud, I said, "Somehow I doubt Jesus is on your underwear. We'll look when we get home though."

Once we got home, we opened the packages, and sure enough, to a 4 year old, it was Jesus. Otherwise known as Quin-gon Jinn.....

Oh, the things they come up with!

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