Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Why is that waiting is so hard in some areas of our lives, but so easy in others?  Yesterday, we spent the day here:

2015-06-01 09.55.11

and it was great fun.  Good weather, great company…what’s not to like?

As I stood in yet another line, though, I pondered something:  Why is it that we willing shell out hundreds of dollars and patiently stand in (long!—often an hour or more) lines for the temporal thrill of 3 minutes of entertainment, but when God asks us to wait, we are often unwilling and impatient?

Call it the Disney phenomena.  The “happiest place on earth” casts a spell on people.  No one is immune.  I enjoy Disneyland as much as the next person.  And, I have enjoyed it more since we’ve lived here BECAUSE there’s no pressure to see it all and do it all in just a few days. 

What if our willingness to wait on the Lord was even greater than our willingness to stand in line at Disney?  What if we were more patient with God than we are at Disneyland?  What if we employed our “Disneyland patience” with those around us? Aren’t the rewards from waiting on God worth more than a 3 minute thrill ride?  I would think so!  And yet…I am as impatient as the next guy in my non-Disney life.

waiting in line

(Waiting in line.  What else?)

Right now, we are finishing up our school year.  It’s been a bit of a challenge, but we’ve survived.  As the boys do their standardized testing, I am struck anew by how much one of my boys doesn’t know.  My fault? Nope.  He has significant academic challenges that wouldn’t be any better served in a school setting.  I know that.  Even though I know it, I am still impatient with God.  “When is this going to click with him?  Why do we all struggle every day with his issues?  Please God!  It is HARD.  I don’t think I can do this any more.”  Some days it angers me when God’s answer is “Patience, child.”  I. WANT. IT. NOW!!!  Yes…the same person who will stand in line for 50 minutes to ride Space Mountain cannot wait another second for God’s perfect timing in the life of her child.  What’s wrong with me?!? 

For now, I think I’ll hang on to this thought, for me and for my guy who struggles

“…I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will  bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”  ~Philippians 1:6

because you know what?  He DID begin a good work in me. And in that child.  And even though I’m impatient, God is not.  He IS faithful and He WILL complete His work in us.

Good thing.  Smile

2015-06-01 15.30.48

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