Friday, May 22, 2015


Earlier this week we headed east to explore the deserts—both the Colorado and the Mojave.  I had planned the days as days off from school; instead, we counted them all!  The boys had a blast and learned lots.  Or, more accurately, we all did.  What more could you ask? 

Checking out Joshua Tree National Park


Entering the park




California Fan Palms at Cottonwood Springs

2015-05-18 10.18.51

Ocotillo….nature’s fence.

2015-05-18 11.40.05

Creosote bush.  Smells like a campfire!


The “man’ rock on the way to the Lost Mine

2015-05-18 11.14.18

The view near the Lost Mine.  The Salton Sea is in the distance.  IT would be easier to see if it hadn’t been so smoggy. 


Cholla cactus garden.


Skull rock.


Trailhead at Ryan Mountain


A Joshua tree!  They look like a Dr. Seuss creation…or perhaps his inspiration.


The view from Keys View.

Then, we spent part of a day exploring the (absolutely FABULOUS!) Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert.  The boys—all 3—loved it.  Mazes. Puzzles.  Laser harp music.  Weaving.  Motorcycles.  And building race cars.  Oh my.  I think we spent 2 hours just putting together K’nex race cars and racing them.  Such a great day!

The last day we headed up to Mount San Jacinto State Park.  The only way to get there is up the Palm Springs Aerial Tram.  SO cool!!  The tram ride is 10 minutes, and goes from an elevation of 2500’ to a elevation of 8500’.  And…the tram rotates on the way!  The views were astounding.  The hiking was amazing.  The snow was a fun bonus. The day was beautiful, and we had a great time.

2015-05-20 10.03.52

Heading up.  On the cable, just at the edge of the rocks toward the top of the picture is the other tram, heading down.


Taking in the view




Snow means snowballs.  Always.


2015-05-20 12.23.46

Heading back down.

Incredible days.  So amazing to see God’s handiwork, and to wonder at how different it is from what we are used to.  Creativity?  I think God’s got it covered!

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