Tuesday, March 17, 2015

some thoughts on Disney

The boys loved Disney.  REALLY loved it.  It was great fun to see them step outside their comfort zones and try new things.  Huge thanks to Hailey and Alec, who were there to experience it all with us, to encourage, to hold hands, and to challenge them to do more.  It made a difference, I know.  The first time at Disney will be a treasured memory, I’m sure.

Some observations:

  • The behaviors that tend to irritate me in everyday life didn’t seem out of place in Disneyland.  Things like high pitched singing, abundant enthusiasm, and perpetual  motion were the order of the day, but at Disneyland they just fit right in with the overall atmosphere. 
  • When it was important, the child with developmental delays could remain in control.  Standing in line for long periods of time?  No problem.  Playing ‘rotating seatmate’ on the various rides?  Not a huge problem.  Not eating at the stroke of noon?  No big deal.  Those things are HUGE, folks!  We did NOT expect any of them.
  • The fearful child took deep breaths and (mostly) conquered those fears.  Having an adored big sister and brother in law along helped tremendously.  He tried every ride suggested, and his list of “thanks but no thanks” rides is virtually non-existent.  I think he’ll do everything again.
  • The sense of adventure blossomed in both boys!  Usually a bit afraid to try new things without one of us, they begged and pleaded to be allowed to ride alone on many rides.  It’s awesome to have a safe place to allow them to do that, and as often as possible, they rode alone.  Fun for ALL of us!
  • Roller coasters were not as bad this time as they’ve been in the past.  As a child I LOVED roller coasters.  As an adult, I did them fine.  Once I had children, though, I couldn’t deal with the stomach dropping stuff.  I stayed off all those kinds of rides.  This time I took a deep breath and tried them again.  California Screamin?  Yes please!  Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?  Absolutely!  Bring ‘em on.
  • We WILL be back.  Because we bought annual passes, heading to Disneyland only costs us the gas and parking fee.  While that’s a bit steep, it’s no more costly than paying the babysitter for small group once a week, so we’ll go back.  Many times.  Our first return is scheduled for the end of the month, just before the boys and I head back to Renton for April.  (more on that trip later)

I love the beach.  I enjoy our new home.  We are slowly getting settled into a new church.  So far in this adventure, though, I’d say that Disneyland has been the best part, and the biggest surprise.  Having been there before, I wasn’t expecting to have such a great time. 

Once again, it’s the little things that mean the most.  And it is the little things that God uses to touch me, to remind me that He has not abandoned me, that He brought us here for a reason.  Seeing Him in the everyday—isn’t that the goal? 

Feeling blessed these days.

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