Friday, March 13, 2015

Doing Disney

After much talk and many days of waiting (im)patiently, March 10 finally arrived.  What was so important about March 10?  Well…it was the first ever trip to Disneyland for the dynamic duo.  (A fun side note:  on March 10, 2002, we took Emily and Tori to Disneyland for their first time.)  As far as the boys knew, the plan was to get up and have breakfast, drive to Disney, and spend the day.  What they didn’t know was that we needed to make a short side trip on our way, and it would be well worth it!

We swung by the grocery store to pick up some granola bars and orange juice because we were headed to John Wayne Airport on our way to see Mickey Mouse.  Big sister Hailey and her husband Alec have insisted for years that they wanted to be with us when we took the little boys to Disneyland the first time,and Tuesday they made good on that.  You can’t begin to imagine the shock on Ryan and Logan’s faces when they saw Hailey and Alec at the arrivals area.  Ryan had tears in his eyes and Logan couldn’t sit still.  It was heaven for those two little boys.  Add Disneyland to it?  Unsurpassable.   (When asked Wednesday about the best part of Tuesday, Ryan answered, “All of it, but Hailey and Alec are the VERY best.”  Mission accomplished.

Some pics from our day:

2015-03-10 09.50.13

2015-03-10 09.50.21

2015-03-10 13.37.23

2015-03-10 13.56.11

2015-03-10 13.37.45

After a down day on Wednesday, the boys and I went back to Disneyland yesterday with Hailey and Alec while Jim went to work.  (Hey…someone has to pay for our adventures!  Winking smile  )  We started early and stayed all day, arriving back home about 7:30 last night.  SUCH fun! 

2015-03-12 09.15.03

2015-03-12 13.53.13

2015-03-12 14.51.47

2015-03-12 14.52.05

2015-03-12 15.18.44

2015-03-12 15.19.31

2015-03-12 15.19.43-2

2015-03-12 17.24.51

Already, even after 2 full days, they can’t wait to go back and are sad that Hailey and Alec are having Disney fun today just the two of them.  We are thrilled to have Hailey and Alec here through the weekend, so we’ll show them around and play at the beach.  The weather should be perfect for some body boarding!  Ryan and Logan can’t wait to show Alec what they have learned.   

Although living 1200 miles from our big guys has been hard, this week has been especially sweet.  I LOVE seeing the adoration the little ones have for their older sister and brother in law, and the sweetness the big ones bestow on the adoring (pestering) little guys is amazing.  It feels very much like Psalm 127 in the flesh around here:  “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord…blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.”  We are blessed indeed. 


PS  Those Mickey Mouse hats the boys are wearing?  They’ve only come off for showers and sleeping since Tuesday. 

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