Sunday, January 11, 2015

get set…

Well, the trip to California was a success!  We have a place to live.  The experience was not without its challenges, and I know for sure that life in California will be different.  Guys on Segways towing surfboards on trailers?  Um…okay.  84* in January?  At the beach?  Not in my world!  Or…more accurately, not in my current world.  When we move?  It’s a definite possibility.  Matter of fact, we saw 80*+  on 2 of the 4 days we were in southern California.  THAT I could learn to love.  Quickly.

2015-01-05 11.35.39

2015-01-06 09.50.32

It was difficult to deal with the lack of commitment from leasing agents as we looked for a place to live  We contacted(via email AND phone) at least 8 different people, hoping to see 8 places while we were there.  Of the 8, only 3 replied, and only 1 actually followed through to the point of showing us a place.  The others just blew us off.  That was hard.  But God had bigger plans for us.  We just had to wait to see it unfold.  And unfold it did!

Monday night I was discouraged.  We’d seen a couple options and 1 seemed reasonable.  We were willing to live there and decided we’d fill out the application on Tuesday.  It weighed heavily on my mind Monday night, and Tuesday morning I turned on my computer for one last check to see if anything new had come up.  One.  Just 1 new option.  No pictures--just a description. I called the phone number and set up a meeting for the afternoon.  Oh. My. Word..  EVERYTHING we had hoped for, and then some.  God provided in a big way!  We filled out the application on the spot and handed it to the agent.  She processed it that afternoon and let us know the next morning that it was ours.  We are SO set!  The place is amazing.  3 bedrooms.  2 1/2 bathrooms.  Big windows with lots of light.  A big screen TV with surround sound.  Patio furniture.  Community pool.  Close to the beach (2 of the bedrooms have a peek-a-boo view even).  Gorgeous kitchen.  2 car garage.  Even a boat dock!   See?

house pics

We will spend this week packing, then head out next week.  Move in is scheduled for January 23.  While it will be HARD to leave our girls here, we know our house is in great hands.  The opportunities for growth (for all of us!) abound, so we’re ready.  Sort of.  If we have to be.

Stay tuned…

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