Wednesday, January 4, 2012

not my finest moment

My alter ego ‘Grace’ made an appearance today. 

It rained hard this afternoon, and when we got home from Costco there were groceries in the back of the Suburban that needed to come in the house.  Parked in its normal spot on the side of the driveway, the back doors open up at a small, grassy slope.  No sweat.  Except that today it’s muddy.  And slick.  With an armload of groceries, I slipped and went sliding through the mud, slamming my knee into the rocks and smacking my elbow on the back bumper.  There was mud down my back from my shoulders to my ankles.  My right knee is bloody and sore and swollen.  My left elbow is bloody and sore.  And my right ankle is muddy (still!), slightly swollen, and sore.  In short, I’m a bit of a mess.  It hurts to stand.  It hurts to walk.  It hurts to sit.  And this is after taking Aleve.  Somehow, I suspect I’m going to be even more sore tomorrow.  Oh joy.  I guess it’s a good thing the day is mostly free.

You know, I haven’t missed seeing ‘Grace.’  She certainly wasn’t invited, and she doesn’t need to stick around…


  1. Need a new parking spot for the rainy season? (you know... all year) I hope you feel better, and you can be really glad Grace didn't visit AT Costco! ;-)

  2. Oh no, Jennifer! I hope you feel better soon - that sounds like a bad fall.

  3. Oops! Poor thing. I hope you are feeling much better by now.