Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Warrior (noun):  A person who shows great courage…

example? Katie Collier

This girl is amazing!  She fights the good fight.  She is faith, commitment, and tenacity personified.  Not many of us would do (would be able to do!) what she’s doing:  school, chemotherapy, and then a basketball game.  All on the same day.  For Katie, it’s simply what happens.  Day in and day out she goes forward, rarely complaining, always encouraging those around her.  Even when she doesn’t feel good, she’s got a smile, a hug, a kind word for those in her world.  She is one of the most genuine, sweetest, kindest 18 year olds I have ever known.  It is a privilege to know her, and to be able to say that we have been friends with her family for more than 20 years.  They are amazing people—all of them.

This video from last night’s basketball game once again shows Katie at her finest.  Let her warrior spirit encourage you!

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