Tuesday, September 6, 2011

it’s back….

Volleyball season, that is.  Today was the season opening jamboree.  I’d forgotten how crazy volleyball days can be!  School this morning…visit from my brother in law and his wife…make 13 meals for the team (and coach and bus driver.  I signed up for the 1st game, to get it over with)…get them to school in time to make the bus…dash back home to pack OUR dinner…head north to the jamboree (game time?  5pm.  Location?  30 miles north of us, THROUGH Seattle at rush hour.  Such fun!)…watch volleyball until 8pm…come back home and tuck tired boys into bed…clean kitchen from the mess of making 17 sack meals.

Whew!  1 down, 14 more to go.  Sadly, it’s ONLY 14 more this time, since Tori is a senior and this is the last year for high school volleyball at our house.  I will miss it!  It was fun to watch the new team work together.  They’ve got some kinks to work out, but they’ll get there! 

We enjoyed our visit with Uncle Jay and Aunt Christy today.  Or, perhaps more accurately, the boys liked meeting Uncle Jay and Aunt Christy and LOVED seeing Dixie and Dakota, their dogs.  Jay recently retired after 24 years in the Air Force, and they’re doing a bit of traveling before they settle into ‘civilian’ life.  It was so much fun to have them here!  Jim and I saw Jay just last year at Brent’s graduation from boot camp, but none of the rest of the family has seen them for 5 years.  That means Ryan was a baby, and they’ve never met Logan until this weekend.  The boys have new best friends, and we had such a wonderful time just catching up a bit.  It will be so nice to have them closer to us and able to come to family holiday celebrations!  No, Utah’s not that close, but it’s sure closer than North Dakota!!  Now, to get their son transferred out this direction…  Arkansas is just too far away.  :)

Family…fun…a visit from Emily…a promised visit from Brent…what a great way to start September!  Even if the whole “first day craziness” of volleyball snuck up on me this year.  I’m gonna enjoy this while it lasts, ‘cause I KNOW for sure I’ll miss it next year!


  1. Whatever will you do with yourself when high school sports are over, Jennifer??? :) I agree, you should enjoy this last year.

  2. We've actually talked about taking a vacation in September...going on a road trip maybe? Packing schoolwork for the boys would be easy, and it would only take about an hour a day. Or we could take a REAL trip to celebrate our anniversary. Can't even remember the last time we've celebrated our anniversary someplace besides a soccer field or a volleyball gym. Next year... :)