Friday, August 12, 2011

the quilts

The wall-hanging I did for our trailer.  Each square represents one of the children…(top row:  Brent, Victoria, Logan; bottom row:  Emily, Hailey, Ryan.  Yes, I know that it’s not the right order.  It was based on what layout was best!)DSC_0005
It turned out well and looks great on the wall.  After 10 years as a blank wall, it’s nice to finally have something there.
And I made 2 baby quilts for friends having baby girls.  Lilly was born August 1; Audrey was born August 5.  This is Audrey’s quilt.  Lilly’s looks just like it, except it has green binding instead of pink.  (I don’t have pics of Lilly’s quilt)  These were FUN!
Audrey was born in Texas, but her parents were part of our small group before they moved.  Because we couldn’t have a shower for her with her mom in attendance, we had a shower without them!  Everyone brought unwrapped gifts, and we laughed and talked and wrapped presents for Rachel and Audrey.  Then we spent time praying for baby Audrey and her family.  A big box was packed and shipped to Rachel in Texas, filled with love from the HCC family.  We had fun, and I know that Phil and Rachel feel blessed by their church family.  I had too much fun to take many pictures, but I did take one of the dessert table.  We had chocolate dessert cups filled with white chocolate mousse and topped with fresh raspberries from the garden.  Yum!!

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