Sunday, May 22, 2011

outward? or inward?

Living, He loved me

Dying, He saved me

Buried, He carried my sins far away

Rising, He justified freely forever

One day He’s coming

Oh glorious day

~Glorious Day by Casting Crowns

This is probably my all-time favorite song right now.  Sung by Casting Crowns, it’s remake of an old hymn.  “One Day” was written about 1908, but the words remain as true and powerful today as they were then.  They make me reflect on who God is, not on who I am or what I can do.  It is a nice change from the typical ‘worship’ songs we sing today.  I read this blog by John Holzmann from Sonlight Curriculum, about today’s worship music, and I realized that he puts into words—much more eloquent words!—exactly what I’ve been feeling but unable to express.

Today’s been a pretty inglorious day here.  My Suburban is on it’s last legs (or so it seems) and we’ve spent countless hours looking at cars, discussing cars, driving cars, and negotiating deals.  No dice.  What to do?  How to decide?  After a very long day, we came home and discovered that the laptop now has a virus.  Like I said…it’s been a rather inglorious day.  But listening to Casting Crowns sing Glorious Day has helped me refocus on what’s really important.  For that I am grateful.

And, when my focus changes to the things I am grateful for instead of the irritations of the day (or weekend), it’s amazing to see just how many blessings there are in my world.  Sure, my car doesn’t run, but the others do.  And it’s served us incredibly well for 13 years!  The issues with the Suburban happened now rather than 6 months ago or 12 months ago, when we would have been hard pressed to do anything.  It’s not going to be a cakewalk to replace it, but we see God’s provision every day and even something as ‘petty’ as my car is not outside His care.  My parents graciously, willingly lent us their truck for now.  (Thanks Dad!!)    My family is healthy and happy.  The sun has been shining.  The boys are finished with school this week, the girls a few weeks later.  And that list just scratches the surface!

Focus…outward, on God’s grace?  Or inward, on my efforts?  Outward is DEFINITELY the better choice!

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  1. That song is a current favorite of mine, too! Always a good reminder.