Wednesday, May 4, 2011

big day

Today is Hailey’s 20th birthday.  That alone makes it a big day, but we’ve got more on the calendar!  Things like

  • school (only 3 weeks left!!)
  • laundry (of course)
  • clean house
  • prep dinner for tonight and set aside Jim’s and Tori’s lunches for tomorrow
  • pack
  • drive across the state
  • pack up Emily and bring her home

Where does the time go?  Not only is Hailey 20 today but today is Em’s last final as a college freshman!  It seems like only last week that we were packing up a teary girl to take her to school.  Now she’s finished with her first year, ready to spend the summer and home, and excited about her classes for next fall. 

After what seems like a million trips to Pullman in the last year (it’s only been 8 in 10 months), we’ll be taking a bit of a break.   Finished on Hailey’s birthday, Emily returns to Pullman on her own birthday.  Somehow, that seems fitting.

Now, to check off that list.  See you later!

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