Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Logan and I were looking at pictures of his time in China this morning.  He wanted to know about some of the children in the pictures—where they lived, who they lived with.  I could answer for some of them.  I know where they’ve ended up.  For others, I had to say that they were still in China, particularly those who still need sponsors.  Logan’s eyes filled with tears, and he asked, “When are we going to go bring home another China boy?  Or a China girl?”

When I told him that I didn’t think we were going back to China again to bring home another girl or boy, he immediately asked why.  Taking a deep breath, I tried to explain:  “It costs lots of money.  It takes lots of time.  And Mommy and Daddy have lots to do with you and Ryan and the big guys.”

His response cut like a knife.  “I’ll work harder Mommy.  I promise.  I will learn faster.  Can’t we please help another China baby?  PLEASE?  I will help you so it’s not as much work.  I’ll be a BIG helper!”

Such a tender heart.  Such pure faith.  And a depth of understanding that no 6 year old should have.   My heart breaks today…for Logan, and for those still in China.


  1. Wow! I can't even think of anything
    else to say!!!!

  2. Nothing like being convicted by a 6 year old, is there??

  3. wow, I have tears in my eyes after I read your post Jennifer. What a big heart he has!

    By the way, Logan is the only child from China Theo ever asks about. He knows he is your son but at the same time he thinks that Logan will be there when we visit LangFang in February.