Friday, October 22, 2010

a first for our house

This child…DSC_0014

…has strep throat.  He’s the very first child here to ever have it.  He might be the first person in our 24 year marriage to have it.  That would be amazing.

I’m certainly not complaining!  I feel quite bad for the little guy, actually.  He’s been whiny and tired and sounding sore throat-ish for nearly 2 weeks, and I finally took him in this morning.  If only I had gone sooner!  He’s on an antibiotic and should be on the mend soon.  In the meantime, if this is as bad as he gets, we’re in pretty good shape.  The pediatrician said to let him know if anyone else has symptoms, that he’d just call in prescriptions for them. I was almost all the way home before it dawned on me that the beginnings of a sore throat I’ve had for several days could be the same thing.  I’m still banking on the fact that mine is caused from simple exhaustion.  I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly—I’d love to have a full night’s sleep sometime soon!  Then maybe I won’t get it.  This is one thing he most definitely does NOT need to share!! 

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