Monday, February 8, 2010

the ongoing medical saga

Life has become a series of never-ending medical appointments! Or at least it seems that way. Today I sat down and reviewed our calendar, adding the new appointments, and came away both overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to be done and grateful for the ability to make things better.

Logan's hearing aids continue to be a frustration. After an appointment a week ago, we're trying yet another program, hoping that this time we'll score and his hearing will be better. His audiologist is wonderful--she's trying all sorts of things to help, and we appreciate it. But he needs a follow-up in 4 weeks or so (one that I forgot to schedule today!) So, another trip back to Children's sometime in early March...

Last Monday Logan had a follow up from his sleep study in December. The news was exactly what we expected, and on April 27 Logan will have a tonsillectomy/partial adnoidectomy/tympanostomy tube replacement surgery. The post op follow up will be May 26.

Then I called to schedule his ophthalmology exam. He still struggles with some fairly significant balance issues, and given his hearing loss, he's a perfect candidate for some oculomotor testing for vestibular balance disorders. He'll go on March 30 for that, and the appointment will take roughly 3 to 4 hours.

Emily stayed home from school this morning not feeling well and came home early from practice this afternoon. One look at her and I called the dr. She's been feeling under the weather for several weeks and it's time to check it out. While I take her there this afternoon, Jim is at another doctor for a sleep study work-up. He's had more and more trouble with fatigue and sleepiness, and he is a good candidate for a sleep study given his snoring. He also needs some other tests done pretty soon to rule out some other issues, so he's not immune to the "doctor thing" going on here.

Friday morning last week, the little guys had their renal ultrasound follow ups after their abnormal scans last year. Logan, fortunately, is healthy and well--his kidneys look awesome. Ryan, however, is still problematic and while he requires nothing further at this point, we will have to continue monitoring him for at least another year. Unless, of course, he becomes symptomatic, in which case we'll need to do further testing. Ugh.

Fortunately Victoria and I are healthy and happy. I think. Somehow, though, I feel like the next several weeks will continue to be a bit overwhelming. Especially when you figure that these things are added into our daily life and work around things like speech therapy and occupational therapy and preschool, not in place of them!

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