Wednesday, April 15, 2009

just chillin'

I'm hanging out for the next few days with just my little guys. Hailey's enjoying fun in the sun in south Florida with her best friend; Victoria's doin' Disneyland with a friend and her mom; and Em's off to Portland for some Daddy/daughter time. Everyone gets back late tomorrow, but in the meantime it's just me and the boys. I love my boys, but this isn't exactly my idea of a dream time. That's okay. It will be fun...and I get to head out on Friday for a weekend with some friends! We're headed to Portland to hear Beth Moore live. I've been a bit down in the dumps recently (could use a GOOD dose of warm sunshine!) so this weekend is just the thing. Good friends, challenging and inspiring speaker, yummy food, and shopping...what more does a girl need?? Can't wait!!

In the meantime, enjoy some pics of my guys. Ryan's KILLER on the Wii--he's so good I typically won't play with him. He loves loves LOVES Mario Kart racing, and even surprised Brent last week with how good he is. He's got gold medals in nearly every portion of his license. Mama can't compete. But they enjoy it, and Logan loves to watch and cheer. Here they are a few days ago, when Daddy was sick and Mama let them all play to their hearts content.

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