Monday, April 27, 2009

a day for ears

Well, Ryan's ear was still swollen this morning, so first thing I called the doctor. We went in about 10... Apparently ears have a great blood supply and so can swell easily. Because of that great blood supply, they also heal quickly if they've been injured. It seems that somehow Ryan's picked up an infection in the helix or scapha of his ear. (Yep, I learned some new words today!) The good thing is that the great blood supply means it should clear quickly; the bad news is that if it doesn't, that same good blood supply can spread the infection rather rapidly. He's on antibiotics, and if we don't see significant improvement by tomorrow we'll head back to the doctor.

Then after lunch, we headed up to Children's, where we met with the audiologist and made some decisions about Logan's hearing aids. She gave her recommendations, we asked some questions, Logan had impressions made of his ears for the earmolds and picked the colors for his aids (black) and his molds (transparent red), then we headed home. We'll head back next month to get the actual aids...or in this case, a loaner pair for a short time. Hopefully we'll have great success getting them programmed correctly and we'll have the blessing of seeing Logan's speech finally take off. There's so much he knows, and there's so much he misses!! I can't wait until he's not missing so much.

Amid all the running around today (speech therapy and gymnastics today too!), we all missed spending time with Brent. Today's his 20th birthday!! And this mom has decided that it should be against the law to spend birthdays away from your family. Brent, know that you are loved and missed!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

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  1. I totally agree that it should be against the law. :)

    Glad to hear the ears are on the way to recovery.