Thursday, March 12, 2009

sick kids and basketball pics

Just some fun pictures from the state basketball tournament. I'm so proud of my girl!!

And so you know, having 6 sick children is NOT FUN! Even when one isn't at home. That's right: all 6 are sick. Some have runny noses, sore throats, and deep hacking coughs; some have a fever plus all those symptoms; and one has even added vomiting to all the other symptoms. Unfortunately, the sickest of the crowd is the one who is not home. He has been so sick we seriously contemplated sending Jim down today to take care of him. But at 19, he passed on the offer. Said he had too much to do and having mom or dad to take care of him would make him a baby and not finish some very important things, so thanks but no thanks. Maybe later if he's still sick....

Off to hang out in the infirmary, otherwise known as the living room. Anyone have a germ-protectant bubble I can live in and care for them from? I don't want this crud!!

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