Saturday, March 7, 2009

Man oh man

What a night! My big girl Hailey and her team from school won the 1A state basketball tournament tonight. There aren't words to describe it--watching your child succeed with her team at something they've worked hard to achieve for a long time. Hailey and two of her teammates started playing together 8 or 9 years ago, and have played together every year since then with the goal of someday winning this title. She's had some awesome coaches--and a not-so-good coach--and we've certainly had our share of ups and downs. Through it all, the girls have remained committed to one another, regardless of the disparity of talent. They win together, they lose together, and now they get to share the "gold ball" together.

Way to go Hailey! I'm proud of you. :) And the rest of you girls on the team--you're the best!



  1. Congratulations on the big win! :)

  2. WOOOHOOO!!!! You should be a very proud Mama!!!