Tuesday, October 4, 2011

more about Katie

I know I posted a picture of Katie last week and a little bit about what is going on with her.  She still needs our prayers!  She’s home now, going in every morning for outpatient treatment.  Each day gets a bit worse, and according to her, yesterday’s treatment was brutal.  She’s dealing with headaches and intense nausea. She’s got a cold, which keeps her feeling crummy.  Her immune system isn’t healthy enough to fight it off, so it keeps dragging on.   Overall, she’s just kinda miserable.

But there’s another side to Katie, one that I didn’t share.  She’s an incredibly gifted athlete.  This article was published yesterday by ESPN, on their college sports site.  Check it out.  Learn a bit more about our friend, and keep her in your prayers.   They are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Still praying for Katie. She sounds like such an amazing young woman.