Thursday, May 21, 2009

we can HEAR!!

There's something bittersweet about watching your 4 year old hearing a car for the very first time. The joy on his face was totally priceless.... But the pain I felt at not being able to help him sooner was so hard! Watching him this afternoon as his eyes lit up when I turned on the dishwasher, then watching as he opened and closed it several times just to hear it start was fun. He LOVES his new hearing aids! We'll see how it goes as the week progresses, but if today is any indication, we've scored a major hit. He wants them in all the time and so far has been exceptionally good at leaving them alone.

Off to discover the world of sound with Logan...


  1. Hey fellow Lovebug...didn't know you had a blog...I am soo out of it LOL

    LOVE that he is hearing the world around him..enjoy this first Mama : )

  2. YEAH!!!! That is great news!


  3. How wonderful! I'm so excited for Logan!
    And yes, I'll email you tomorrow so we can set a date for me to come check out Ikea and get together with you!

  4. YAAAAYYY!!! Way to go! Logan, you're a little miracle boy!