Monday, January 26, 2009


Ryan turned 4 last week. Seems impossible--where does the time go?? He had a 4 year checkup today, and overall is healthy as a horse. There are a few minor issues, some little concerns, but nothing extraordinary so we go forward. He's still a tiny mite, but he's growing. It's just on his own curve. :) After much conversation, we have some "watch and see" items in his chart that we'll monitor at home and see what happens next.

Here are some pictures of our guy over the years...

November 2005, 9 months old

March 2006, 14 months

First beach trip, 19 months. August 2006

Hanging out in Hailey's room, Feb 2007. 25 months

Christmas 2007, almost 3

Summer vacation, July 2008. 3 1/2

Halloween 2008. 3 years 9 months

Happy birthday, big guy. We love you!!